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Transforming Healthcare Through Open Source

The open source business model suits healthcare better than any other industry. Read about the symbiotic relationship between better patient care and open systems.

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Vista to Open Vista

From VistA to OpenVista

Since inception in 2002, Medsphere has focused on developing the VistA electronic health record system—created and "battle-tested" by the Department of Veterans Affairs—for use by the commercial healthcare market. Medsphere’s commercial version of the VistA EHR is called OpenVista.

Medsphere's OpenVista initiative leverages the billions of dollars invested by the VA in VistA, as well as targeted venture capital funds (and years of software engineering) to modernize and enhance the system, to indefinitely extend the life cycle of one of the world's most effective and easy-to-use health IT tools for clinical transformation. The company has also infused the OpenVista initiative with a collaborative open-source philosophy, and the supporting toolset, that gives our customer partners infinite flexibility to join us in creating the EHR solution that meets their needs now and in years to come.

This fully integrated EHR solution—which includes Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) and more—helps non-VA healthcare organizations meet their automation, patient safety, performance and functionality needs while remaining a highly affordable, cost-effective and clinically efficacious tool that delivers value well into the future.

Single, integrated solution

OpenVista represents a single solution that can be leveraged across the continuum of acute, ambulatory and longterm-care environments as well as in multi-facility, multi-specialty healthcare organizations. The high degree of integration across the enterprise has significant advantages in increasing clinical performance, reducing costs and improving healthcare outcomes. It also facilitates the collection of data for the extended care team and such nonclinical care uses as billing, quality management, outcomes reporting and resource planning.

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