Making ‘Best Care Anywhere’ Available Everywhere

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A conversation with author Phillip Longman

Best Care Anywhere author and VA healthcare expert Phillip Longman talks with Medsphere COO Rick Jung about the health risks inherent in the American healthcare system, how the VA became the gold standard for quality care and what healthcare in the U.S. looks like after reform legislation.

A prizewinnning journalist and former deputy assistant managing editor at U.S. News & World Report, Longman is a senior research fellow for the New America Foundation's Economic Growth Program and research director of NAF's Next Social Contract Initiative.

Part I: Mortality and contact with the U.S. healthcare system 6:25

Part II: The VA uses VistA to ring Vioxx alarm bells 12:22

Part III: A process, not a program 12:36

Part IV: Better quality care for less money 16:51